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Caught in the Rain (part 2)

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Part One is here.

Jennifer took her seat on his jacket, and the handsome guy sat next to her. She caught herself being excited by how close he was sitting. Although, a part of her thought it might just be, because there was limited space under the awning, and the wind had started to blow the rain closer.

She opened the takeout bag and was happy to find place settings for 2 people. Normally she was insulted that the Chinese place had always assumed her order was for two people instead of just her. It implied that she ate too much food. But honestly, she never ate it all in one sitting. Well, she most of the time, anyway.

“My name is Keith by the way,” he said extending his hand for a handshake.

“Nice to meet you, Keith by the way,” Jennifer joked as she returned his handshake. Keith laughed.  Jennifer admired his straight white teeth and noted that, despite the cold rain, his hand was warm. And incredibly strong.

They both dug into the Chinese food. It wasn’t until she realized the food was almost gone that she started to feel self-conscious about eating so much. They had barely even talked as they ate, but she enjoyed the silence. She wasn’t as nervous around Keith as she normally was around new people.

“I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I started eating,” Keith said. He pointed to last crab Rangoon. “That last one’s for you.”

“No, you take it,” she said.

Keith reached for the last tasty, fried morsel and tore it in half. The gooey cheese inside started to make a mess.

“Were splitting it, and there’s no time to argue. Open up,” he said as he carefully maneuvered the crab appetizer to her lips.

Jennifer opened her mouth, and he slipped the food into her mouth. Two of his fingers grazed her lower lip, and their eyes locked. Jennifer felt her face flooding with the heat of embarrassment and excitement.

She felt relieved when Keith let out a nervous chuckle and ate his half quickly. Was he as affected as she was?

“Do you think…” He started, but then stopped and looked out into the rain.

“Do I think what?” Jennifer asked.

“I know that I’m a stranger, but I do live around here. I know a lot of the neighbors. You can ask around and know that I’m not a weirdo or something,” he rambled. His confidence and sense of ease seemed to fade into a shyness that Jennifer found adorable.

She wondered if he was nervous, because he was thinking about asking her out. Her heart actually sped up with the hope that maybe that was happening. He was rambling some more, but she was having a hard time focusing on what he was saying. Before she knew it he was showing her his drivers license. He even looked handsome in his photo, which Jennifer thought was kind of unfair. Why was he showing her his license?

“Just so you know that I really do live around here,” he said as he pointed at the address.

“How do you know that I’m not a weirdo?” Jennifer joked.

Keith smiled and ran his thick fingers through his hair.

“Oh I know your weirdo, already. You’re just so damn cute, I’ve developed an instant affinity for weirdos.”

Her bad day at work had just morphed into the best night ever, and she had a sneaking suspicion that this Saturday night would be even better.

The End

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