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The Red Dress (A Christmas Love Story)

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Christmas love Story photoWhen Carol buys the perfect red dress for the company Christmas party, it goes more wrong than right–at first. Find out what happens when holiday magic starts to work its charm in this short Christmas love story.

* * *

“Did you ever think it’s because I’m in love with you?” Mike yelled.

Carol’s train of thought derailed. All of his complaints about her co-worker asking her out to lunch took on a new light. His insistence that she had to ride home with him morphed from a chauvinistic implication that she wasn’t savvy enough to take the bus at night into something different–something almost chivalrous. And then there was this fight. No, there was no excuse for the way he made her feel back at the party.

“You hate the way I’m dressed and made me feel horrible at our company Christmas party, because you’re allegedly are in love with me?” she spat back.

“I’m sorry about making you feel terrible in there. I wanted tonight to go so much better. It’s just you in that dress…” his voice trailed off.

“What!” She said as she looked down at her dress. She thought the dress was perfect when she saw it in the store. It was the right combination of classy Christmas outfit with a little sexy thrown in, but maybe she was wrong. Maybe she just looked trashy or ridiculous. “What about my dress, which by the way I saved for two whole months to buy?” Her voice was still angry, but now it was tinged with sadness.

Mike’s hands fisted at his sides. He couldn’t even look at her when he answered. “Every man out there can’t stop staring at you in that dress, and it’s killing me.”

Carol smiled for the first time all night, but she still wasn’t ready to let him off the hook. “You seem to be able to resist looking at me pretty easily,” she said.

“It’s not that easy,” he said turning his hungry gaze at her. “It’s just if I look at you too long,” he continued as he stepped closer, “I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from doing this.”

In one swift motion, his arm encircled her waist as his other hand cupped the back of her neck, and he kissed her. His kiss was passionate and relentless. It took her breath away. After she was thoroughly kissed, he pulled his lips away from hers and stared into her eyes. He didn’t release her from his embrace though.

She knew he was waiting to hear what she had to say. For a moment, she was speechless, but then she smiled, and said, “I think this just became my favorite dress.”

“I think it’s time to take you home and take it off,” he said as he led her to his car. “But, don’t worry, you can wear it when we go out on New Year’s Eve.”

Carol smiled as they walked to the car. She’d always been on Santa’s nice list, but this year, thanks to the dress, she had a shot at being naughty.

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