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Diana’s First Kiss (Cute love story)

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Cute Love Story PicDiana is going out on her third date with Josh. She’s hoping tonight will be the night–the night of her first kiss. How can she let Josh know to kiss her? If he does, will it be what she’d hoped? Read this cute love story and find out.

This is the second “First Kiss” story. This is the “sweet” one. The other is a sexy first kiss between co-workers. You can read that one here.

Diana’s First Kiss

Diana walked to her front door hoping that no one in her family would come outside and wait for her on the porch. She let her shoulder and right arm brush up against Josh and hoped he would take the hint. It worked. He took her hand in his. He only ventured a quick, nervous glance in her direction afterward to see if it was okay, but she was ready. She made sure to flash him a beaming smile and squeeze his hand to let her know that she was happy with the turn of events. He needed to make the first move, but she wanted be sure he had as many indicators as possible that she was open to it. This was her third date with Josh, and she wanted this kiss to happen like yesterday, but every time it came close he’d shied away.

Please. Please. Please kiss me tonight.

When they reached the front door of her house, she turned and looked up at him. She fought the urge to scream “kiss me” and instead she thanked him for another lovely date.

“So maybe we could go out again next weekend?” he asked. He looked at her hopefully, and then turned away and try to play it cool.

She decided to not be cool and let him know that she definitely wanted another date. “I was hoping you would ask me out again. Of course I’ll go,” she said.

Her response seemed to have the effect on his confidence she wanted, because he smiled broadly and stepped closer to her.

“So maybe you’d go out with me the week after that, too?” he asked.

“Maybe even the week after that,” she said as she tilted her head up and leaned just a tad closer to him. She hoped he picked up her not-too-subtle hint.

He put one hand on her shoulder, and the other around her waist and pulled her close. Diana’s heart started pounding. His arms were stronger than she’d imagined, and he seemed entirely less shy. He’d changed from cute to practically movie star sexy. She had to stop herself from squealing with delight. It was happening. It had happened to nearly all of her friends, but it was finally happening to her.

He lowered his mouth to hers, and she closed her eyes. Then, she felt his soft, sweet lips against hers. He didn’t scare her by being too aggressive, but she definitely felt like they both wanted to try it again and again. It was perfect.

He pulled away, and looked into her eyes. He was smiling.

“So you’re my girlfriend now, right?” he said.

“Right,” she answered. He smile broadened even more.

“See you at school tomorrow, then,” he said as he stumbled away.

“Okay,” she said instantly wishing she’d thought of something cooler to say, but then she realized he didn’t mind.

He was practically skipping back to his car. She turned to let herself into her house, and then looked back and saw him wave good bye. She waved at him, closed the door, and then ran upstairs to call her best friend.

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