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Red Hot Sexy Elevator Moment

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Sexy Millionaire CowboyIt looks like the hot love stories are the most popular stories on this site, and this new one will definitely get you going. Sexy things happen in elevators all the time. A straight-laced accountant meets a mysterious cowboy in Vegas at a poker table, but there’s something more exciting then just their winning.

Millionaire Cowboy

They entered the elevator, and he swiped his keycard to allow access to the floor of his suite. The second the doors shut his desire overwhelmed his thoughts, and he pinned her against the elevator wall with her hands above her head and kissed her again. She moaned loudly into his mouth and arched her body up to meet his. He let his kisses travel down her neck and whispered into her ear.
“Do you like me holding you down, sweetheart? Does it make it you wet?”

She let out a sexy little whine in response. Fuck yeah. He pushed her hands together so he could hold them with just one hand while he looked into her sweet, green eyes. He wanted to see his effect on her, and he wasn’t disappointed. She writhed sexily under his restraint, and despite her slight embarrassment, she didn’t turn her eyes away from his. He plunged his hand down the front of her jeans and straight into her panties. She started to struggle and reflexively tried to close her legs, but he easily stopped her. He slipped the tip of his finger inside her. He watched her eyes close and mouth open as he did it. Fuck she looked hot, and she was so wet. He rewarded her with a gentle rub to her clit. She exhaled a soft, high-pitched little squeak of shocked pleasure. It was the fucking sexiest thing he’d ever heard.

“That’s it, sweetheart. Just take what I give you,” he said. He felt her get even more wet. The elevator slowed, and he quickly pulled his hand out of her pants and released her before the doors dinged opened. He put his arm around her waist to give her support. He could hear her heavy breathing and feel that she was unsteady on her feet. He could even smell her sweet arousal. He smiled to himself. If that had her this hot and bothered, she was going to love what he did to her next.

* * *

Above is actually a steamy scene from my debut, erotic romance novel, Millionaire Cowboy. When Emily meets Cal at a low-stakes poker table in Vegas, she’s surprised at just how far she goes with this tall, dark, and sexy stranger in just one night. But after she realizes he’s both rich and sexy, she’s sure it can never be more than a one-night stand or could it? Stay tuned for the book.

Thanks for reading. Love, Pia Sparks

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