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A Trip Down Sexy Memory Lane (NC-17 Lite Erotica)

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Pic of Sexy Couple for Lite Erotica StoryIf you like sexy stories, this lite erotica piece may just be for you. This is for adults only! No children under 17 allowed. In this short romance, Lacy remembers one particularly hot night with a guitar player.

* * * *

Her mind floated to Liam, the guitar player. He loved  spontaneous sex. God! It was so hot when he told her to go to the bathroom and remove her panties so he could fuck her really quick in some private corner. Liam was the first man who ever came inside of her. He had gotten a vasectomy so Lacy never worried about getting pregnant. It was amazing.

A particular night always stood out in her memories.  It was before the band was as popular as they are now. Back when they were on the cusp of super stardom. She had walked out of the club, where the band had just finished delivering a killer set, and she was surprised by Liam. Without a word, he grabbed her and pushed her over the hood of the nearest car. She felt his strong hands grope her ass as he forced her long, flowy skirt up around her waist. Within seconds he was inside her.

“Liam,” she whispered to him. Her voice urgent with panic. “I think I hear the guys coming.”

“Keep taking it, baby,” he said. His voice was sexy and dominant, but not quite enough to quell her fear.

“I don’t want them to see.”

“Yes you do,” he said. “You can’t help being a sexy slut. Hmm. Can you, baby?”

Lacy was both scared and turned on, but she really didn’t want them to see her. She was a “nice” and “smart” girl and enjoyed the benefits of being so. She had heard the way guys spoke about girls who were more brazen about their sexuality, and she always resented how they were demeaned (and not in the sexy way). But before she could stop Liam from ruining her reputation, he pulled her skirt over her head so she couldn’t be seen. Well, not her face anyway.

“Hey, Liam! We’re going to grab a drink at Marty’s,” yelled Pete as he came closer.

“Can’t guys. I’m a little busy,” Liam yelled back.

As they approached, they could see Liam fucking her. Lacy clutched her skirt tight over her head. She was so glad she had worn the long, black skirt. She hoped she wasn’t recognized, but luckily a lot of the girls had worn gothy, long black skirts to the show that night. Liam’s band was very dark and vampire-like. Before she could get too nervous, Liam grabbed one of her hands and pushed it down toward her pussy. He whispered in her ear “Calm yourself down, girl, I’ve got you.”

She did what she was told and began touching herself while he continued to slide in and out of her.

“Whoa, who you got there?” Keith, the drummer, said breaking away from the rest of the guys in the band and coming closer  to get a good look at the action.

“I don’t really know, but she’s kind of shy,” Liam said.

“Only half shy,” Pete joked loudly from his place with the other guys across the parking lot. They could still see the gist of what was going, but they were not close enough to worry Lacy.

“You better not let Lacy see,” Keith said. Lacy could tell from his voice that he was standing close enough to see exactly what was going on and maybe even figure out it was her. Her pussy clenched with a combination of fear and excitement.

Liam laughed at Keith’s remark.

“Can I have a shot at her after you’re done?” Keith asked as he stepped even closer to the couple and then ran his hand over her naked ass. Liam let him do it for a few seconds and then stopped him.

“Get your own,” Liam said as he chuckled and pushed Keith’s hand away.

Lacy couldn’t believe how turned on she was. Liam had been inside her the whole time, and when Keith had put his hand on her ass, she had to stifle herself from moaning. She heard Keith and the other guys walk away, but could hear more people approaching.

“You better fucking cum right soon, or I’ll let the next guy who asks, actually fuck you,” Liam growled. She couldn’t be sure if he was serious or not, but the thought was both frightening and exciting. She moaned out loud.

“That’s it you dirty little slut. Get that pussy off so I can bust my nut in you.” Liam said.

Lacy started rubbing her clit harder and faster and began to wildly push herself back onto Liam’s cock as he fucked her. She could hear people coming closer. She heard people pass by, and even heard one guy say to his buddy, “That guy’s pounding the hell out of that chick. Look!”

Lacy tried to keep quiet, but Liam sensed she was holding back and stopped fucking her when she was so close to cumming.

“I guess you don’t want my cock anymore. You’re all quiet,” Liam said. “Or do you?”

“I do,” Lacy said quietly.

“You don’t care that I’m fucking you like a dirty slut right out here in the parking lot where everyone can see you?”

“No,” Lacy said.

“Let me hear how much you like it, baby.”

He continued fucking her, and Lacy stopped stifling her moans. She was amazed that she could be even more turned on and was surprised how much worrying about being quiet had stopped her fully enjoying sex. She vowed never to stifle a moan again.

“Oh yeah. That’s it. Now, beg me to fuck you like a dirty slut.”

“God yes,” she groaned not caring in the least who heard her. “Liam. God. Yes. Please fuck me like a dirty slut.”

“That’s it,” Liam said. “Show me how much you like it. Are you going to cum all over my big cock? Huh, baby. Are you going to cum all of over my cock like a nasty dirty slut?”

Lacy started playing with her pussy more and grinding on him higher. She was so close.

“Yes, I’m going to cum all over that big cock like a dirty fucking slut.” Her moans got louder and louder. So much so she could barely breath under her skirt.

Lacy let go of the edge of her skirt that held it in place over her head, and stood up straighter to get closer to his cock. She didn’t care if anyone saw her; she was blinded by her desire to cum.

“Oh yeah. You don’t care who sees now, do you slut?”

“Oh God. I don’t care. Just fuck me. Fuck me Liam.”

Lacy felt her orgasm building until it crashed over the edge. She stopped touching herself and could barely stand up, but Liam grabbed her waist and pushed her over the car to keep her upright as he pounded her some more.

“That’s a good girl. Keep taking it. Keep taking that cock,” he said as he fucked her faster and faster.

Lacy’s orgasm kept rolling in a series of waves cresting and falling. She felt light-headed and drunk. She was totally intoxicated by his cock, and then she felt his cock spasm and unload inside her.

“Oh yeah. Take that into your pussy. Take it,” he said. Spurts of pleasure rushed into her. She nearly fell off the hood of the car and onto the floor.

Liam caught her and laughed.

“Good girl,” he said as he turned her around and kissed her. His voice was so tender and loving. Then, he helped her to his car and put her in the passenger seat. Lacy could barely remember how she got back to the hotel with him. She remembered the breeze from the car windows, the tickling feeling of his cum slowly dripping out of her, and the sound of the traffic on Sunset Blvd. Riding in the car with the top down, feeling the breeze in her hair, exhausted and feeling almost drunk from the best orgasm of her life, she felt like she was flying.

* * * *

Do you like lite erotica and sexy stories or do you prefer something else? Drop a comment and let us know. We aim to please.

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