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Lusted (formerly entitled Next to Naked) – Part One

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next_to_naked_sneak_peek_picMy new adult contemporary romance, LUSTED  has just been released! Here’s a free sneak peek right now–actually even more than a peek.

Warning: Adult themes, explicit sexual content. Not meant for readers under the age of 18.

What’s it about?

When Kylie Morris loses her job as a violist in a respected symphony, she is forced to move back home with her parents. After a somewhat crazy job interview, Kylie finds herself with a job at Stripped, an adult publishing company. Her parents would kill her if they found out, but she tells herself it’s only temporary. Except working next to naked people proves to be very exciting, and then there is her strange need to please her dominant boss, Benjamin. Will she be able to go back to her normal respectable life, or will she find herself “Stripped” of all her inhibitions?

Next to Naked (Part One)

Kylie waited in her parked Honda and gripped the steering wheel to keep her hands from shaking. Her heart pounded so hard she could almost feel it in the back of her throat.

The concert had ended around 10 o’clock as usual, and she knew the cleanup and tech crews wouldn’t break down the stage until the next morning. When she’d whispered into Maestro Barrett’s ear to wait for her in the rehearsal room, he’d actually gasped with excitement. At the time, it made her feel powerful and alluring, but she didn’t feel that way now. The adrenaline of the fantasy had given way to the anxiety of reality. Was this the kind of impulsive thing that put her on the path to being a crazy person? Would she end up like that astronaut woman who drove across the country wearing a diaper over a work romance? Kylie tried to calm herself. Surely, there had to be several steps between bold suggestion and adult undergarments on the path to Crazy Town.

Beside, the excitement of a possible romance had livened up her life for the last few months. It always made her feel guilty to think that there were hundreds if not thousands of other people who would kill to be principal violist in a world-class symphony, and she was just going through the motions.  If Kylie was honest about her study of the viola, she knew she played to make her parents happy and impress people, but that wasn’t the same as having a passion for music. She pushed her uncomfortable self-examination out of her mind and focused her thoughts on the hot conductor. He was either waiting for her or he wasn’t. He didn’t look like he would change his mind, but then again, she’d never done anything like this before so she had no point of reference. Now that the parking lot looked clear, it was time to find out.

She got out of the car and put her viola in her trunk. It was a cool night, and the parking lot was reasonably secure. Normally, she would never leave her most expensive possession in her trunk unattended, but she told herself it was insured, and that she needed to be bolder and take more risks anyhow.

As her high heels clicked against the asphalt of the parking lot, she could feel her anxiety grow. When she’d put on the slinky lingerie and stockings under her concert black dress, she’d felt sexy, but now she wondered if she just looked desperate and ridiculous. She told herself to stop being negative and that it was too late to turn back.


She entered the backstage rehearsal room and saw him at the piano. His tall, lean body looked fantastic in his tuxedo. His bow tie was undone and his shirt was unbuttoned at the top. Kylie always found men in slightly undone tuxedos extra sexy. That was one of the perks of being a classical musician—her life had a higher number of men in tuxedos than someone who worked in an office or meat packing plant or what not. She filed that thought in her brain under ‘job pro.’ It might come in handy with some life decisions she figured she should probably be making soon.

When the door click closed behind her, he turned from the piano and looked up. His eyes filled with lust, and his mouth open slightly with surprise. Despite feeling a little self conscious, she screwed up her courage and returned his gaze. Without taking her eyes off of him, she walked toward him as she unbuttoned her black, silk blouse revealing her ample breasts clad in a black, lacy bra. Kylie’s long, dark hair fell onto her nearly bare shoulders. She let the shirt drop to the floor. She had rehearsed in this room with the rest of the orchestra for the last year, and it felt so naughty to be partially undressed in what felt like a very public space.

This moment was just like her fantasies. She imagined him commanding her with that firm tone he used when yelling at a tardy percussionist. Her humdrum reality slipped away as her excitement grew. The thought of him treating her like a sexy slut cut through her ennui and excited her as she crossed the room. She wanted him to make her beg for it. She wanted to be tortured on the verge of release and held in his power. She wanted the kind of passionate affair that she’d seen in movies, but had never seen in real life.

When she reached him at the piano, the commanding presence that he possessed as a conductor totally disappeared. Instead he acted like a frightened schoolboy forced to speak at a morning assembly. She told herself not to hold it against him. She was nervous, too.

“Robert,” she whispered into his ear as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He pulled her closer, and she felt his erection press against her. This was more like it. But then he pulled away, and tapped her on her nose.

“Bob,” he corrected as he wagged his finger in her face. Nobody called him Bob–except him. The symphony marketing team even refused to print it in the program. Robert, which was his name prior to moving to the United States from Belgium five years ago, just sounded so much more like the name of a conductor instead of Bob. Maybe during the waterbed era of the late 70s and early 80s the Bobs of the world were flying high, but not these days.

She ignored his correction and ran her hand down his chest.  He gasped out her name. She felt her tinge of annoyance fade, and the sexy feelings started to grow again. He put his hands on her shoulders. His hands were cold, but it was still exciting.

He started to kiss her neck, but he did this weird lick thing with his tongue. She moved his head lower, and guided him toward her breasts. He eagerly grabbed them. It tickled a little, but felt mostly good. She imagined him grabbing her hair and kissing her roughly. Maybe if she took off her bra it would entice him to be more aggressive.

She undid her bra. She tried to be sexy about it, but she had to maneuver around him to take it off fully. She had hoped that he would be more “take charge” than this, but she decided to tell herself that it was flattering how he seemed so befuddled in the presence of her partial nudity. She tried to set the tone by talking dirty.

“Do you want to fuck me?” she asked in an attempt to be bold and sexy, which hit the mark a little too hard.

“Ahhh!” he grunted out, but before Kylie could fully register that Maestro Bob had finished his performance early, she heard the telltale click of the rehearsal room door. Somebody had just walked in on them.

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