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“Yes, Sir” Three Passionate Love Stories (Lite BDSM)

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Passionate Love Stories PicWarning: These stories have BDSM themes and sexual content. They are not intended for readers under 18.

Find out about a woman’s first time submitting, how a boss gets his boardroom tiger to be his little sex kitten, and experience a moment of rope bound ecstasy in these three, short passionate love stories all entitled, “Yes, Sir.”

* * * *

She assumed the position that he told her to practice. Kneeled on the floor with her legs spread, palms on her thighs, back straight, chest out, and eyes down, she waited for his command. She felt frightened, worried, and excited. Would he use the crop? Would he tie her down? Would she be able to obey?

“Are you ready for me, Carrie?” His deep baritone voice broke the silence of the room. She could feel the heat of his body as he stood behind her. Just hearing his voice and feeling his presence made her body ache with need. She’d never felt more alive.

“Yes, sir,” she answered.

* * * *

From the moment he met her, he knew he could uncover her buried desires. She ruled the boardroom with her brilliance and drive, but the passion that burned so brightly in the business world would burn even hotter in his bedroom. His doorbell rang, and he could hear his housekeeper let her in and lead her into his private office. He waited a moment for her to settle in and to give her time to wonder why she had been called to meet him on the weekend. She probably thought it was about the new account. He smiled to himself knowing that she was in for a big shock.

He opened the door. She turned and saw him. He could see the surprise and excitement in her eyes as she stared at him. He was shirtless and wore his tight, ripped jeans. He watched as her her eyes traveled from his face to his bare chest and further down to the undone top button of his pants. She probably had no idea that she just licked her lips at the sight of him.

Just as he suspected she tried to hide the fact that she was turned on underneath the subterfuge of outrage, but to no avail. He let her raise her voice and stomp her feet, but as she spoke he kept silent and slowly inched closer to her. She’d stood up as if she would leave, but she never got around to moving toward the door. As he moved closer, her words turned fewer until finally he was within an inch of her. She stood silent and looked up at him. Her brown eyes dilated and her lids were at half mast. He pulled her up against him so she could feel every inch of his body and his desire, and then he kissed her hard. Her body melted into his, and he felt her surrender to him. He tore his mouth away from hers and looked down at her. She moaned with desire. Every part of her begged for more.

“Tonight, you’re following orders instead of giving them,” he told her sternly.

Her words came out in a breathy gasp, “Yes, sir.”

* * * *

She bucked against the ropes. It was too intense. The way he mercilessly pumped in and out of her as he rubbed his thumb over her clit. She needed to pull away and take a moment to breathe, but she was tied down. There was no way to escape this onslaught of pleasure.

“That’s it. Take it, baby,” he coaxed.

“I can’t. I can’t,” she screamed.

“You will, and you can,” he ordered as he pushed her right to the edge of a cliff that she never knew she could climb. “Come for me,” he demanded and she felt herself pushed over the cliff.

“Yes, sir!” she screamed as she tumbled into ecstasy.


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