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Two Saucy Stories by Pia Sparks

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Saucy Stories by Pia Sparks picEnjoy these two saucy stories by Pia Sparks. More romance stories are being added all the of the time. Stay tuned.

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No … Don’t … Stop

by Pia Sparks

Her heart had been broken already. She couldn’t risk it again.

“But I love you,” he said.

She turned to leave, but he grabbed her arm and forced her to face him.

She met his gaze determined to show in one look that she didn’t care.

He wasn’t fooled. He kissed her hard.

Her body betrayed her; she couldn’t help but surrender to his advances. The aching need between her legs melted with desire. She ground her hips against him. He pushed her against the wall. The force of her back hitting the wall made her ragged breathing even quicker.

As he unbutton her shirt and slid off her skirt, she remembered the door to his office was unlocked. She couldn’t bring herself to care. She didn’t want him to stop even for a second.

One Night of Naughty

by Pia Sparks

As she walked up his driveway, she caught a slight chill from the night air. She couldn’t believe she had texted him this late, but she wasn’t ready to go home. Could she really do this?

She had changed in the car, but now she feeling a little self-conscious. She thought about turning around, but he opened the door.

He had been watching the window for her! She felt a surge of confidence. He was a powerful man. He dated models and movie stars, and yet he had seemed very happy to get her late-night text. He had CALLED–not texted–her back.

She stopped a few feet short of the front door to tease him. Maybe she wouldn’t go in at all. Maybe this was enough. He stood in the doorway looking at her. His eyes moved up and down her body.

“You look great,” he said. His voice didn’t sound as cocky as it normally did. He sounded a little breathless, and even a bit nervous.

Suddenly she felt very powerful and sexy. As she walked to the door she started to untie the strap of her coat, and unbutton the first few buttons.

His jaw actually hung open. She felt invincible.

She brushed by him and entered his house. Before he could even close the door completely, she let the coat drop to the floor. He rushed over to kiss her. He nearly tripped from his eagerness. This gorgeous, man was falling all over himself to get close to her body.

Yes, this was just what the doctor ordered.

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