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“Sexy First Kiss” (Part 2)

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first-kiss-lipsThis is the conclusion to Violet and Charle’s first kiss. You can read part one here.

*  *  *

“There’s this,” he said as he released one of her hands and used it to gently brush the hair from her face. Then, he kissed her.

The kiss surprised Violet, but his strong yet tender lips were impossible to resist. She felt herself opening her lips to allow him in. His kiss became more impassioned, and she couldn’t help but follow. She found herself against the wall of the elevator with her body pressed up against his. She tingled all over. The kiss ended, but he didn’t let go of her.

“I’ve been aching to do that for months,” Charles said. His voice was husky and low.

“You’ve been an asshole for months,” Violet said, but her voice lacked the venom she’d hoped for. She had been completely distracted by his kiss, and it was taking all of her will for her knees not to shake. His arms felt so good around her, and his lips felt like fire. She burned for more.

“I’ve been forbidden by company policy to touch you for months. I was up for that job at KT&G,” he replied.

She couldn’t help but smile. So this was why he hadn’t let her work on any projects.

“So you couldn’t handle being alone with me?” she teased.

Without letting go of her, he restarted the elevator.

“I can now,” he answered.


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