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Beating Out the Bitch (Part One)

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sexy short stories photoTired of losing men to her bitchy co-worker, Laura decides to get wild at a party and winds up having more than just a little fun in this sexy short story by Pia Sparks.

* * * *

Laura couldn’t stand it anymore. That bitch, Hannah, with her fake Southern Bell baloney had swooped in and stolen (or scared away) every cute guy who came into the diner. It didn’t even matter to Hannah that Justin had started sitting exclusively in Laura’s section. Hannah still acted as if he came in just to see her instead of the more obvious explanation, which was that he came into the diner for breakfast.

“Or maybe he came in to see me?” Laura hoped.

Laura knew that Hannah had been lying when she told the story of Justin whispering the invitation to the party in her ear so that no one else would know. Hannah said she had insisted that Justin invite Laura so she wouldn’t feel left out. Even though Laura couldn’t prove that Hannah’s story wasn’t true, she just knew in her heart that Justin had wanted her to be at the party. She remembered him writing his address on the back of the check with a nervous smile and asking her if she would come to his house warming. His shy smile had revealed the cutest dimples, and she was sure that he had a crush on her. Laura wasn’t predisposed to thinking men like her, so she couldn’t of been wrong about it. Could she?

Laura watched as Hannah laughed loudly and stood way too close to Justin on the other side of the living room. Justin hadn’t even noticed that Laura had even arrived at the party. He was so distracted by Hannah. For a moment, Laura felt stupid for wearing a sexy dress and getting her makeup done at the Macy’s counter. Could she really go through with her plan? Could she really, just this once, beat out that bitch?

Part 2 here.

 * * * *

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