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Two More Short Romance Stories for You! “First Kiss”

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First Kiss Short Romance Stories PicThere’s nothing like a first kiss! Enjoy these two short romance stories about just that. The first is a little sexy and the other is sweet.

A Sexy First Kiss

“That’s it. I quit!” she said and stormed out of his office. Violet’s patience had finally hit its limit. He’d passed her over for yet another project. Without breaking stride she pulled out her phone and texted her recruiter: Tell them I’ll take it. She exhaled and smiled to herself. She was free of this place and that damn Charles Leehay. Being hot and brilliant didn’t give someone an excuse to be a jerk.

“Violet, wait!” she heard him call out, but she ignored him and continued down the hallway toward the elevator. Upon reaching the elevator, she mashed the button and impatiently waited. Her text alert sounded. It was her recruiter: Congrats on your new job, Violet. They are thrilled to have you. Violet smiled. Finally, a boss that would appreciate her. Nothing had been the same at her office since that man had arrived.

The elevator dinged, the doors opened, and Violet stepped in. She began to text a thank you message to her recruiter when a hand stopped the elevator doors from closing.

“Violet!” she heard him call out.

“No need to shout. It’s all settled,” she said back, but she wasn’t even angry anymore. She was so out of this place. Charles pushed his way into the elevator.

“Settled?” he asked. His breathing was heavy. She wondered if he’d had to run to follow her. The thought made her smile, although she didn’t want to admit to herself why it had.

“Just got a text from my recruiter. KT&G is ‘thrilled’ to have me,” she told him.

“So that’s it? You no longer work for this company in any capacity?” he asked.

“Not in any way, shape or form,” she gloated.

“Then there’s just one more thing,” he said as he hit the stop button on the elevator.

“No, there isn’t,” Violet snapped. She pushed him aside to get closer to the elevator buttons to restart the elevator, but he grabbed her hands. His touch was firm, but not too aggressive. She looked up at him. There was something about the way his eyes were fixed on hers that she couldn’t turn away.

Read Part 2 Here.


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